January 24, 2022


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Walls Family History – David Crockett

George Daniel Russell, Sr. – Quoted from: Davy Crockett, A Narrative Of The Life Of David Crockett, Of The State Of Tennessee: Gen’l. Jackson had not yet left Nashville with his old foot volunteers, that had gone with him to Natchez in 1S12, the year before. While we remained at the spring, a Major Gibson came, and wanted some volunteers to go with him across the Tennessee river and into the Creek nation, to find out the movements of the Indians. He came to my captain, and asked for two of his best woodsmen, and such as were best with a rifle. The captain pointed me out to him, and said he would be security that I would go as far as the major would himself, or any other man. I willingly engaged to go with him, and asked him to let me choose my own mate to go with me, which he said I might do. I chose a young man by the name of George Russell, a son of old Major Russell, of Tennessee. I called him up, but Major Gibson said he thought he hadn’t beard enough to please him, [Note: George would have been only 16 or 17 years old] — he wanted men, and not boys. I must confess I was a little nettled at this ; for I know’d George Russell, and I know’d there was no mistake in him ; and I didn’t think that courage ought to be measured by the beard, for fear a goat would have the preference over a man. 1 told the major he was on the wrong scent ; that Russell could go as far as he could, and I must have him along. He saw I was a little wrathy, and said I had the best chance of knowing, and agreed that it should be as I wanted it.

In the “Davy Crockett” TV series, Georgie Russell was portrayed by Buddy Ebsen, but in many instances that particular “Georgie” was composite of different stories of the time period.

Citation: https://www.gutenberg.org/files/37925/37925-h/37925-h.htm, Page 76, retrieved 2021.08.14.

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