January 24, 2022


a social site serving the Walls family.

Website Info

This site is being built at x10hosting.com, a hosting service that i have used personally for several years. For those paying attention you’ll have noticed that the web address here doesn’t really fit. Well that’s because X10hosting has stopped accepting new accounts until 4-1-21, in order to do server maintenance and upgrades. So, being impatient as i am, i started this site here on my family website (no worries, i have this site partitioned from the other.) and when the time comes i will put this site under its proper domain name. Until then this site is fully functional and can be used now. I do ask your patience in allowing me time to tie up loose ends. I do web work as a hobby, this means I’m not all that good at it, so any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

As far as the actual domain name, i had initially wanted thespot.com, i did the search, it was available, that was a while back. Checked again yesterday, it’s taken! So I gotta decide which way I’m going on that too. I might go with a lessor used extention like .biz or .net, dunno.

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